Join me in connecting-the-dots to identify what lies ahead!

My work of the past several years has been the pursuit of pragmatic, collaborative solutions to communal problems.

Whether it is developing partnerships between a solar company and local non-profit organizations, or figuring out how to divert materials from the landfill and transform them into unique and stylish consumer products, I excel at creative problem solving and innovative approaches to established challenges.

I believe that big-picture thinking provides the best foundation for decision making, and that is why I eagerly attend diverse events and explore new connections. My main passion is in promoting local economic development in support of a thriving, resilient community – and that is why I am so excited to be starting the “Leadership 49” program in September of 2018. Together with eighteen of my fellow engaged-citizens, we’ll be exploring every corner of Park County to increase our awareness of the myriad challenges and opportunities right here in our unique corner of Montana.

In addition to being an enthusiastic student, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge from the front of the room! Coming up in November, I’ll be presenting a social media training for the Prospera Business Network. And back in California, I developed and presented a two-part workshop on aligning your purchasing power with your personal values: “Conscious Consumers: Shop Your Values.”

My deep belief in the importance of being well-informed citizens is why I am currently volunteering my time as a member of the Education & Outreach Committee for the Montana Renewable Energy Association.



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